About Us


We are Heather MacPhail and Andrea Stone. We met in the fall of 2013 after both acquiring puppies from the Vyrtuous Fiona x Bentley litter.  We saw each other numerous times over the spring and summer of 2014, but the friendship truly formed when we were both shoved into a van with 7 Ridgebacks and made the very long trek from Dallas to Salt Lake City for the 2014 Ridgeback National Specialty. You really get to know someone on a road trip, and by the time we reached the mountains of Wyoming, we were not only delirious, we had bonded and the friendship was formed.  From that point on, we jumped in the car every chance we got for road trips across the country to compete in shows or Lure coursing events while learning everything we could about our beloved Ridgebacks.  Upon hearing the news of our predecessors retirement, HeatherStone Rhodesian Ridgebacks was formed.  We aspire to carry on the vision of Vyrtuous, breeding ridgebacks with a focus on temperament, confirmation, and performance, while bringing in our own ideas and following the breed standard set forth by RRCUS. We are very proud of the people we have had the honor of knowing and working with over the last 5 years to enhance our knowledge and dedication to the ridgeback breed. We look forward to enhancing and further developing that knowledge base and working with our mentors and other breeders to produce sound puppies that excel in conformation, performance, and temperment.