Bling and Mendo

Its Official!!! Bling has been bred with Mendo!!

Bling’s progesterone showed that she finally ovulated on Saturday March 25th and was bred on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Because Mendo lives all the way in California, we used a procedure called a TCI, or Transcervical Insemination.  Mendo’s owner got a fresh semen sample collected on Monday and Tuesday, which were shipped overnight to us.


The procedure was done by the fantastic Dr. Esmond at Josey Ranch Animal Hopital.  It works by inserting an endoscope to locate the cervix.  A small catheter is then passed for intrauterine insemination of the sample.


This is not painful in any way and Bling stood very well for the procedure.  She was such a good girl and got quite a few cookies after from the staff.

We will ultrasound in 3-4 weeks, around April 21st, to confirm pregnancy.


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