Cosette goes to the Chiropractor

YES!  Dogs go to the chiropractor too!  We noticed that something was a little wonky with Cosette’s gait back in January at the Sinton dog show.  She wasn’t extending correctly with her front legs like she normally does.  But since she was showing no signs of pain or limping, we gave it some time to resolve.  Finally, our fabulous handler, Kari Smith, mentioned taking her to the chiropractor just to get everything checked out. So off we went today to see Dr. Giggleman at Parker College in Dallas.



After saying hello to make her comfortable, he did a full exam before checking everything else out.  Dr. Giggleman is the best of the best and along with being a small animal veterinarian and animal chiropractor, he is also a professor and travels to give lectures around the country on the fundamentals and benefits of animal chiropractic and animal adjusting.


We found out that Cosette’s right shoulder was actually slightly displaced and made a really loud POP when pressure was applied.  Hopefully this is the cause of her wonky gait and lack of extension in her front legs.  Dr. Giggleman uses low force manual manipulation of the spinal column, joints and other affected areas.  As these are adjusted, the animal will have improved mobility and function.  These adjustments can often alleviate physical stress, strain and pain allowing the body to heal itself.


Next, he checked her spinal alignment and flexibility in her neck.  Spine alignment doesn’t only affect the bones and joints, it can affect muscles, the nervous system, organs and body function.  Adequate alignment in the spine and joints allows proper communication between the central nervous system, brain and organs.


Cosette showed no signs of pain or distress during any part of the exam or adjustment.  She was, however, exhausted and took a well deserved nap with her brother on the way home.  She will get a warm towel wrap tonight and plenty of rest over the next few days. Hopefully, she will be in tip top shape for our regional specialty in Ft. Worth next weekend!!  Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Dr. Giggleman is available for adjustments at Parker College on Fridays from 12:30pm-4:30pm, walk-ins only.

2600 Electronic Lane, Dallas, Texas 75220, 214-902-3456




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