Well, we just left Dr. Esmond’s office and unfortunately, no babies were seen on ultrasound.  We knew this was a possibility when we had the TCI’s done, but we were still hoping for a few puppies.  We will definitely try again on her next heat cycle in the fall.

Bling and Mendo

Its Official!!! Bling has been bred with Mendo!! Bling’s progesterone showed that she finally ovulated on Saturday March 25th and was bred on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Because Mendo lives all the way in California, we used a procedure called a TCI, or Transcervical Insemination.  Mendo’s owner got a fresh semen sample collected … More Bling and Mendo

At The Begining

Bling had her first repro appointment today with Dr. Esmond. She had a pre-breeding exam to make sure that she is in good health and had her progesterone checked. Exam went great and progesterone came back pretty low. We will re-test progesterone on Saturday. Her TCI will most likely be on Monday or Tuesday but … More At The Begining

First Coursing Weekend!!!

We made the short trip down to Florence, Tx for our first coursing weekend of the season. It’s a grey and nasty day but the dogs are excited and it looks like we have plenty of competition. It should be a nice warm up weekend to kick off this fabulous year!!